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see Dong NaiDong Nai
or Donnai
, river, c.300 mi (480 km) long, rising as the Da Dung in the mountains of S central Vietnam. It flows SW past Bien Hoa and joins with the Saigon River below Ho Chi Minh City to form an extensive delta on the South China Sea.
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, river, Vietnam.
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com/news/interstate-80-traffic-backed-up-for-miles-because-of-snowstorm-road-conditions/) Sierra Sun reported one motorist, who was heading down Donner Trail Road toward Donner Pass Road on Sunday, lost control of his car and drove into a ditch.
Donner & Reuschels use of our Managed Services with its connection to Xetra and Eurex is a good example of how we can enable seamless access to our trading platforms, said Holger Wohlenberg, Managing Director of Deutsche Boerse Market Data + Services.
The formation of Islam, Donner shows, was a process that took a good deal of time.
Le seul conseil que je peux vous donner avant ces elections, c'est de bien lire les programmes des candidats.
Superman: The Movie director Richard Donner was sacked by the producers before he could finish Superman II, and replaced by A Hard Day's Night director Richard Lester who changed the script.
The story of Islam, as Donner constructs it, begins with Muhammad's consolidation of political power over Medina, his justification of raiding parties, his conquest and occupation of Mecca and the town of Ta'rf in western Arabia, and his organized military expeditions in the north against the Tabuk.
If there were believers among the People of the Book in Medina, an obvious explanation would be that they were Jewish Christians, a well-known hypothesis that Donner does not consider.
Donner lays out the religious and political framework of the Near East just before the period of Muhammad.
Donner said that no one is predicting that coral reefs will go extinct; they will continue to survive, but only in certain habitats, such as shaded areas.
The result is a monograph about the Calcutta middle-class, which is, as Donner points out several times, one of the most well-researched and documented parts of the Indian middle-class segment in India.
She turns up as Em, evil sister of Robbie's wife-to-be Donner, a bridesmaid to the happy couple.