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see Judgment DayJudgment Day
or Doomsday,
central point of early Christian, Jewish, and Islamic eschatology, sometimes called the Day of the Lord. References to it throughout the Bible are numerous.
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A simulated 3D moster-hunting action game for IBM PCs, created and published by id Software. The original press release was dated January 1993. A cut-down shareware version v1.0 was released on 10 December 1993 and again with some bug-fixes, as v1.4 in June 1994.

DOOM is similar to Wolfenstein 3d (id Software, Apogee) but has better texture mapping; walls can be at any angle, of any thickness and have windows; lighting can fade into the distance or come from point sources; floors and ceilings can be of any height; many surfaces are animated; up to four players can play over a network or two by serial link; it has a high frame rate (comparable to TV on a 486/33); DOOM isn't just a collection of connected closed rooms like Wolfenstein but sounds can travel anywhere and alert monsters of your approach.

The shareware version is available from these sites: Cactus, Manitoba, UK, South Africa, UWP ftp, UWP http, Finland, Washington.

A FAQ by Hank Leukart: UWP, Washington. FAQ on WWW. Other links.

Usenet newsgroups:,,,,,,,,

Mailing List: <> ("sub DOOML" in the message body, no subject).

Telephone: +44 (1222) 362 361 - the UK's first multi-player DOOM and games server.
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The Doom Patrol's appearance on "Titans" was first announced by executive producer Geoff Johns via (https://twitter.
Meeting your Doom in VFR is the perfect introduction to the next level of gaming
The port isn't perfect, with some significant graphical discrepancies, but it's an amazing feat to have a game like DOOM on a handheld device.
Wales wants to hear MPs, MEPs, AMs, all politicians talking about what they can do for Wales but all we have had from Carwyn and the Labour party is doom.
Doom plays hardball - you'll need to move constantly, practice your strafing and keep a very careful eye on your health and armour.
Stuck in its own development hell for nearly a decade, Doom (otherwise known as Doom 4) is a back-to-basics run out for the series - buckets of blood, over-the-top weapons and more demons to turn into gory puddles than you can shake a boomstick at.
A still from the new Doom, and the collector's edition, far left First there was the trailer - dripping with horror and gore - which shows the game is staying true to its old school roots, with next-gen graphics.
More falling asleep in front of the television than Lewis Carroll, The Legion of Doom plunge behind the back of the sofa and navigate their way through a world of idiocy and mischief.
The upcoming Doom has had a difficult development so far, since it was announced back in May 2008.
This leads to investigation of the evil happenings at Gloomsgor Castle by Baron Doom and the hunt is up.
will introduce Doom, a bourbon-barrel-aged Imperial IPA this spring.
23 -- After revelations of there being a patent issue with the Doom 3 source code last week, there were concerns that it's imminent source code release might not be so imminent anymore.