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see dolphindolphin,
large, swift game fish, Coryphaena hippurus, also called dorado. It is of nearly worldwide distribution in warm waters. Its long, slender body is blue, and in the living animal there are luminous shades of gold, green, and purple.
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, fish.


(dŏ-ray -doh, -rah -) (Swordfish; Goldfish) A small constellation in the southern hemisphere, the brightest star being of 3rd magnitude. It contains a large portion of the Large Magellanic Cloud in which lies the extremely luminous star S Doradus and the complex Tarantula nebula, 30 Doradus. Abbrev.: Dor; genitive form: Doradus; approx. position: RA 5.5h, dec –60°; area: 179 sq deg.


A constellation of the southern hemisphere, right ascension 5 hours, declination 65° south. Also known as Swordfish.
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The Dorado-3 appraisal well is located 900 metres north west of the Dorado-1 discovery location and will provide valuation subsurface information about characteristics of the Dorado field and its value.
Dorado and Egelston punched the victim in his face, head and body, causing cuts, bruises and a collapsed lung that required surgery to repair, she said.
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The transaction did not receive the two-thirds affirmative vote of outstanding shares as required under applicable federal law at the special meeting of El Dorado's shareholders on January 9, 2019.
As the industry' only all flash storage series that fully implements the NVMe architecture, the Huawei OceanStor Dorado V3 can support both NVMe and SAS SSDs in one system.
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Under terms of the Agreement, El Dorado stockholders will receive 58.2209 shares of PacWest common stock and USD 427.92 in cash for each share of El Dorado.
"Drilled resources at El Dorado appear to represent a readily available source of feed for our SDA Mill," said Pierce Carson, Magellan's CEO.
As depicted in Figure 2 below, the Dorado well is less than 20km from and updip of the successful Roc-1 and Roc-2 wells.
"Don Quixote and Candide Seek Truth, Justice and El Dorado in the Digital Age" by Stefan Soto is rollicking fun-filled tale that will entertain the well-educated and erudite readers with tongue-in-cheek humor as they join Don and Candide on their quest to find truth, justice and El Dorado in the digital age.
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El Dorado IPA is pale gold in colour and pours with a thick, frothy white head.