Doroshenko, Petr Dorofeevich

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Doroshenko, Petr Dorofeevich


Born 1627 in Chigirin; died 1698 in the village of Laropolcha, now Laropolets, in Volokolamsk Raion, Moscow Oblast. Hetman of the Right-bank Ukraine from 1665 to 1676.

As a registered cossack, Doroshenko appeared in the ranks of the senior leadership during the war of liberation of the Ukrainian people against the Polish feudal yoke (1648-54). He was a colonel in the army of Bogdan Khmel’nitskii. Later, he participated in the suppression of the popular uprising of 1657-58 led by M. Pushkar’ and la. Barabash. After 1663 he served as general’nyi esaul (high assistant) to Hetman P. Teteria and in 1665 was himself elected hetman of the Right-bank Ukraine. Relying on the cossack starshina (dominant circle) and the upper clergy, who favored Turkey and the Crimean khanate, he sought to extend his authority to the Left-bank Ukraine, using popular discontent there with the hetman I. M. Briukhovetskii. Doroshenko placed himself under the authority of the Turkish sultan. By the treaty of 1669, Podol’e was ceded to Turkey, and the hetman was obligated to aid in the establishment of Turkish authority there. With this act, Doroshenko finally discredited himself. Having lost the support of the cossacks, he surrendered to a Russian force in 1676, after which he was named by the government as voevoda (military governor) of Viatka (1679-82). Later he lived near Moscow.


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