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, Ger. and Swed. Dorpat, city (1994 pop. 105,844), E Estonia, a port on the Ema River. The second largest city of Estonia, it is an important industrial and cultural center and a rail junction.
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, Estonia.
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--1891, Ueber das Manuscript des Neuen Testaments von Creydius in der Munchener Bibliothek.--Sitzungsberichte der Gelehrten Ehstnischen Gesellschaft 1891, Dorpat, 133-140.
South, having convinced himself that Troughton's mount must be abandoned, had to decide whether to insist on the initial mounting plan or copy the design of the Dorpat refractor.
Forced by exhaustion to interrupt his exams, he resolved on further reflection to abandon his juridical studies altogether and to transfer to Dorpat where he could take his exams in ethnography within the Historical-Philological Faculty.
Shmurlo (1853-1934), one of the society's founding members and later professor at Dorpat University in 1891, gave an inaugural lecture on "The Relationship between Russian and Universal History" where he cited the natural sciences as a model for transcending the division between "external" and "internal" history and declared that Russian history needed to be studied "from the standpoint of its analogies and differences with universal history." He thus embraced the project of a global history that would no longer respect the divisions created by the German historiography of the late 18th and the 19th centuries: "At bottom, all history is one--it is the history of mankind, and it is wrong to distinguish between peoples with and without history." (66)
He then lived and taught in different empires--in the Russian empire as a professor at Kazan University from 1875 and Dorpat (Tartu) in 1883, and in the Habsburg empire at Cracow in 1893.
Damit steht fest, dass der Feldsteinteil des Turmes des Turkuer Domes in naher Verbindung mit der Durchgangsvorhalle der Nikolaikirche in Reval, aber auch mit den Westturmen der Johanneskirche und der Marienkirche in Dorpat steht (Alttoa 2009, 8; 2011, 12 f.).
(45) In 1240, Albert's brother, Bishop Hermann of Dorpat (r.
Tartu (Dorpat) is not an exception, as the medieval archives have disappeared in the whirlpool of wars and preserved written sources give only sporadic fragments of information from the 15th century onward (Raid 1995, 33).
(63) Opponents of German also pointed out that obligatory study of Russian had been established in 1832 at the Theological Department of Dorpat University--the only institution in Russia that trained Protestant clergy--and that now, over a half-century later, it was surely reasonable to expect that virtually all pastoral vacancies had been filled by graduates with a passable knowledge of Russian.