Dorset sheep

Dorset sheep,

medium-sized breed developed in England; the only major breed in which both rams and ewes are horned. It has been introduced into many areas of the United States, although it has failed to gain widespread popularity there.
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Typically Finnish Dorset sheep had a life expectancy of 12 years; Dolly was euthanized at the age of six due to severe arthritis and a progressive lung disease, Healthline News reported.
He is also a former chairman and club leader of Caernarfon YFC, and has judged Texel and Poll Dorset sheep at numerous shows.
The daughter of a Dorset sheep farmer came first in the prestigious Q Magazine poll.
Co-owner Stuart Osha, a sixth-generation Vermont dairyman, is available to show off his farm's rare old breeds that range from Plymouth Barred Rock chickens and Horned Dorset sheep to Brown Swiss and Lineback cows.
In 1999, scientists reported that Dolly and two other clones of the Finn Dorset sheep she was cloned from had cellular traits suggesting they would be sicker, age faster, or die sooner than those conceived naturally.
Prior to his years at OSU he worked on the dairy farm owned by his grandfather and uncle and raised a flock of Horned Dorset sheep.
The new lamb has been named "Polly" because she is a Poll Dorset sheep.
ROME -- The cloning of a Finn Dorset sheep in a Scottish laboratory last week was met with alarm in many European quarters.
5 percent fewer parasite eggs in their feces than did untreated Dorset sheep on the same pasture.
Photo: In the spring, shearer clips raw wool from Dorset sheep.
The annual show and sale of MV-accredited Charollais sheep has an entry of 120, as does the Dorset Horn and Polled Dorset sheep show and sale of 150 head.