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This range and the speed at which Wilson discussed them led some to question his depth and accuracy (Dossor, 1991).
| Marcus Ellis of Huddersfield defended his Men's Doubles title at the All England Badminton Championships and, below, the Kirkburton B team of (from left) John Crowther, Mel Neve, Lance Dossor, Amy Crowther, Andrew Denbigh-White and Emily Crowther.
Fr Haley Dossor, 71, carried out the attacks while a youth leader in the 1990s.
EVENT: Max Petroleum (MXP) announced that it has commenced drilling the DOSNW-1 exploration well on the Dossor North West prospect on Block E using Zhanros Drilling's ZJ-20 rig.
The pairing of Steve Middleton and Paul Dossor finished in third with 32 net narrowly beating the duo of Petter Nyberg and Eric Jansen on count back.
Alan Dossor, former Everyman artistic director, April 28, 1972 There they are, acting in a play about an ordinary bloke called Bert who gets left behind in Liverpool when The Beatles make it and, because four of them play four Beatles, it's a case of Beatlemania all over again.
Nearest the pins: Paul Dossor (hole 12) & Adam Guy (hole 16).
This is to help a struggling playwright make a production of another Nottingham hero, Robin Hood, in Alan Dossor's production of Old Big 'ead In The Spirit of the Man.
Written by Stephen Lowe and directed by Alan Dossor, the play pays homage to the man who touched the lives of so many in football.
Tina Jackson, head of The Oaks Primary School, Ipswich, Suffolk, claimed: "We didn't want to upset anyone." The Rev Haley Dossor, vicar at St Mary-at-the-Elms, Ipswich, said: "This beggars belief.