Dove, Heinrich Wilhelm

Dove, Heinrich Wilhelm


Born Oct. 6, 1803, in Liegnitz, now Legnica, Poland; died Apr. 4, 1879, in Berlin. German meteorologist and member of the Berlin Academy of Sciences (1837).

Dove was professor of physics at the universities of Königsberg (1826) and Berlin (1829) and director of the Prussian Meteorological Institute (1848). He studied the distribution of air temperature over the earth’s surface, the annual course of atmospheric pressure, and the nature of trade winds, monsoons, and cyclones in the middle latitudes. Dove’s principal theory was the idea that weather and climate result from the interaction and shift of polar and equatorial currents. Among Dove’s many students was A. I. Voeikov.


Meteorologische Untersuchungen. Berlin, 1837.
Über die nicht periodischen Änderungen der Temperaturvertheilung auf der Oberfläche der Erde, parts 1-5. Berlin, 1838-52. Temperaturtafeln. Berlin, 1848.
Verbreitung der Wärme auf der Oberflache der Erde. Berlin, 1852.
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In Russian translation:
Zakon shtormov. St. Petersburg, 1869.


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