Dozy, Reinhart

Dozy, Reinhart


Born Feb. 20, 1820, in Leiden; died there Apr. 29, 1883. Dutch Arabist and Islamist.

Dozy was appointed a professor at the University of Leiden in 1850. His great reputation rests on his works on the history of Muslim Spain, written on the basis of many Arabic sources, his dictionary of classical Arabic, and his publication of the works of several medieval Arabic writers. Dozy was a corresponding member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1878).


Histoire des musulmans d’Espagne … , vols. 1-4. Leiden, 1861; new edition, vols. 1-3. Leiden, 1932.
Recherche s sur I’histoire et la littérature de I’Espagne pendant le moyen age, 3rd ed., vols. 1-2. Paris-Leiden, 1965.
Essai sur l’histoire de l’islamisme. Leiden-Paris, 1879.
In Russian translation:
Ocherk istorii islama. St. Petersburg, 1904.


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