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(1) See digital media server and driver monitoring system.

(2) (Document Management System) See document management.

(3) (Digital Media Server) A DLNA-certified computer or network attached storage device (NAS) that holds multimedia content. See DLNA.

(4) (Defense Messaging System) An X.500-compliant messaging system developed by the U.S. Dept. of Defense. It is used by all the branches of the armed forces as well as federal agencies involved with security.

(5) (Desktop Management Suite) A collection of software administration and backup programs for Windows from Seagate Software.

(6) (Digital Multiplex System) An earlier family of digital switches and gateways from Nortel Networks that was used in a telco central office. It included the large local/toll exchange DMS-100/200 and small local exchange DMS-10, DMS-250 long distance switches.
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"Dr Martens have a long history rooted in music subcultures," said a spokesperson for the shoe company.
In the past, Dr Martens has worked in management positions in R&D, plant management, and business process development at Lonza in Switzerland and in the US.
Entries were judged by a panel made up of Dr Martens' UK retail marketing team, Newcastle PR agency O PR's managing director Kari Owers, and lecturers from the university.
Dr Martens is an iconic and authentic brand that has millions of customers worldwide."
Cheryl Potter, partner and head of the consumer sector team at Permira, said: "Dr Martens is an iconic brand with a passionate fan base of followers."
Commenting on the deal, Permira partner Cheryl Potter underscored the buyout firm's expertise in supporting global brands and its intention to back Dr Martens in its future development.
Dr Martens has enjoyed a revival in fortunes in recent years as stars such as Miley Cyrus, Emma Watson and Agyness Deyn tooK up the "bovver boots".
Dr Martens immediately became known as working men's boots.
More Dr Martens Three words to describe your style?
British boot icon Dr Martens has opened is second New York store at 868 Broadway.
THESE are the pictures that got Saatchi & Saatchi the boot from an advertising campaign for Dr Martens.