Dragon's Tail

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Dragon’s Tail

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Dragon’s tail is an alternate term for the south lunar node.

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The almost immediate response from Vindictive was "May we give the dragon's tail a damned good twist".
See how many of them you can pick out with your naked eyes, and then use your binoculars to sweep down to Lambda ([lambda]) Draconis at the tip of the dragon's tail. The whole stretch from Kappa to Lambda is packed with neat little asterisms and optical doubles.
In Spenser's Fairie Queene later on in the second day of the dragon fight when Spenser's Dragon returns to attack Redcrosse, he succeeds in chopping the dragon's tail off:
We even rode the Dragon's Tail, which is a world famous biker road, featuring 318 bends in just 11 miles." Adding to the celebratory nature of the trip, two of the party - Chris Rice and Sarah Back from Rhyl - got married.
Gingerly, 8-year-old Abigail Hass made her way from one end of the tightrope known as the "Dragon's Tail" to the next under the watchful eye and ready hand of Camp Harlow counselor "Thor," aka Zach Hammond, who also received this admonition from the girl's big brother, Ethan:
When he first looked into the problems of offshore banking it seemed to him like "a mouse tail," but as he investigated in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland, it became a "dragon's tail," and finally a many-headed dragon.
THE DRAGON'S TAIL: AMERICANS FACE THE ATOMIC AGE analyzes the early impact of atomic power on American culture and society, considering the common themes and images related to the bomb's development and considering the social climate that evolved around it, from considerations of how to survive a nuclear war to how nuclear power was presented in films, novels, magazines and by the government.
Even without knowing the bomb, its science and power, Americans felt the bomb through what Jacobs calls "nuclear narratives." American nuclear scientists called one critical experiment "tickling the dragon's tail," and from this Jacobs takes his title.
SARAH BLYTHE Dragonball Akira Toriyama Viz Media pounds 5.99 Goku is a boy with a dragon's tail who lives in the depths of the forest with his granddad, but when his grandad dies Goku has to fend for himself.
Chuo Tung Wek, or "Catching the Dragon's Tail," comes from eastern Asia.
Undeterred, Hopkins, the bookies' outsider, tried again to tweak the Welsh Dragon's tail when he branded him a "conman".
Last year, the youngster's bid to break into the lifeboat service was tracked by TV programme makers for BBC broadcast The Dragon's Tail.