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Investigators think that refinery operators also poured coal tar intentionally or inadvertently down at least one deep hole known as a drainage well that extends into the Floridan Aquifer.
Even though replacement of Lake Sherwood drainage well was already in the works, the flooding caused by Hurricane Frances served as a reminder of how urgently a replacement well was needed.
8 cubic meters per day and the recovery of six existing drainage wells.
This entailed installation of horizontal I vertical drainage wells, cascade drains, opening ofculverts, weep holes etc.
The roadside trash cans are covered with solar photovoltaic panels so they can light up at night; free electric buses connect different districts; the drainage wells for storm water are all embedded in the curbs.
The Class V well category encompasses a wide variety of wells that are typically shallow, percolating systems, such as dry wells, leach fields, and similar types of drainage wells that overlie underground sources of drinking water.
There are more than 700 drainage wells that distribute unfiltered stormwater directly into the underground aquifer.
The drainage wells are reconstructed by spraying the sprays and part-time repairs are made (eg the transferred tires are moved in place).
Contract notice: Cleaning of rainwater drainage wells in 1st, 2nd & 3rd dk and cleaning of rain water drainage wells in the 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th municipalities of the municipality of athens in 2017.
Creating the cervical walls (8 200 m 3 earthworks, 700 m 3 of concrete, 85 to steel), creating the cervical dykes (6800 m 3 earthworks), creating the internal drainage wells (970 m concrete pipe DN 300 and DN 400, 23 PE-HD shafts, 9 600 m 3 earthworks, 2 640 m 2 shoring), installation of 2 Aludammbalk systems for mobile HW protection.
Subject of the orderCleaning of pipes and drainage wells in the territory of GU" Lepel military sanatorium RB XB