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see DravaDrava
or Drave
, Ger. Drau, Hung. Dráva, river, c.450 mi (720 km) long, rising in the Carnic Alps, N Italy. It flows generally E through S Austria (where it is called the Drau) and enters Slovenia.
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In addition to the discounts they get from bulk purchasing, drau manufacturers typically pay PBMs: (1) access rebates for placement of products on PBMs" formularies, (2) financial rebates for garnering a higher market share; (3) administrative fees for assembling data on market share.
People from several homes were evacuated near Spittal an der Drau in the southern Carinthia province after a creek caused flooding and mudslides following a thunderstorm.
The Austrian Government notified two schemes: guarantees of operation given to power plants based on the pre-liberalisation authorisation procedure, limited to three hydro-power plants - Freudenau, Mittlere Salzach and Kraftwerskete Obere Drau (stranded costs were estimated 6.
The Klagenfurt professor's latest book takes the form of a marathon monologue (or protocol, for there are occasional interruptions by a hapless interlocutor) by an innkeeper who (significantly) doubles as a keykeeper, the self-appointed village chronicler/archivist/docent, and whose stream of consciousness is the River Drau.
Veit / glan gesmbh and the waste management association spittal / drau.
As in Rush (Katherine Tegen, 2013) and Push (Katherine Tegen, 2014/VOYA June 2014) before, Miki and her team continue the battle against terrifying and beautiful alien creatures known as the Drau in book three of The Game trilogy.
The planned compensation for stranded costs in Austria relates to investments in three hydro-power projects and a lignite-fired plant: the Freudenau, Mittlere Salzach and Obere Drau hydro-power plants and the lignite-fired plant of Voitsberg.
Those clansmen who continued to live within the village-chiefdom had come to perceive all bush-based farmers and their wives as dau drau ni kau (sorcerers and sorceresses).
The subject of the tendering procedure is the provision of services for the operation of the heating plant of bes bioenergie spittal gmbh at the bnkerstrae location, 9800 spittal / drau, In the period from 1.