technical drawing

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technical drawing

the study and practice, esp as a subject taught in school, of the basic techniques of draughtsmanship, as employed in mechanical drawing, architecture, etc.
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Technical Drawing


(in Russian, chertezh), a scale projection of objects presented on some information carrier, such as standard or tracing paper, film, or a type of veneer, by means of graphic forms—points, segments of straight and curved lines, symbols, standard designations, and the like. Technical drawings may be used as illustrations to a text (to explain material to be learned) or as documentation for the manufacture of goods. They may be accompanied by explanatory notes, specifications, and instructions for manufacture of the article (when necessary) and may take the form of mechanical drawings, sketches, or diagrams.

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'It looks like there was a slip on the part of the draughtsperson and the words 'or a supporter' were omitted by mistake.'
The designer(s) and draughtspersons (now operating in a CAD environment) can not complete this core design work in isolation; they must work within an overall 'design process' which starts and ends with the customer (internal or external) and almost literally takes the product from cradle to grave.
Moreover, by the 1970s even teachers and draughtspersons were taking industrial action.