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see bridgebridge,
structure built over water or any obstacle or depression to allow the passage of pedestrians or vehicles. See also viaduct. Early Bridges

In ancient times and among primitive peoples a log was thrown across a stream, or two vines or woven fibrous ropes (the
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At the entrance to fortifications, a bridge over the moat or ditch, hinged and provided with a raising and lowering mechanism so as to hinder or permit passage.
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a bridge with a movable span to permit the passage of ships. Drawbridges are usually built across rivers traveled by large ships when conditions make it technically and economically inadvisable to construct a bridge on high piers and with long approaches. The movable span of a drawbridge can be of the vertical-lift, swing, bascule, balance-beam, or rolling-lift type; the choice of type depends on local conditions. Construction of a drawbridge span requires either massive piers or towers to house the mechanisms and engines required for moving the span. Electric and hydraulic drives are the most common, and drawbridges are often equipped with backup drives from internal-combustion engines. The movable span generally has light-duty structural members, with trusses or beams of steel or lightweight alloys.


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(civil engineering)
Any bridge that can be raised, lowered, or drawn aside to provide clear passage for ships.


At the entrance of fortifications, a bridge over the moat or ditch, hinged and provided with a raising and lowering mechanism so as to hinder or permit passage.


a bridge that may be raised to prevent access or to enable vessels to pass
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The bridge work is part of a project to replace aging and damaged bridge parts, upgrade the electrical and mechanical elements of the draw bridge, seal and restore the operator buildings, and paint the bridge.
Ben Miller of Edison Elementary whipped out a draw bridge with a string-pull mechanism to open the bridge.
Even if Birmingham were to attempt to isolate from the rest of the world, raise the draw bridge and prohibit another single soul from entering the city walls, the demographic trends have already laid root.
Repairs to the Florence Draw Bridge near Milepost 191 on Highway 101 are planned for Monday through Friday.
Tenders are invited for New retaining wall upfront investment pedestrian and bicycle connection circuits 4/5 and draw bridge replacement SBB
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That is what Chesapeake's Public Works Department is doing to address rapid development and all the needs that come with it - better traffic control, new streets or repair of existing roadways, better stormwater management, more efficient refuse collection, and in Chesapeake's case, with more miles of deep-water canals than any other city in the country, repair or replacement of 56 fixed bridges, 4 draw bridges, and 10 overpasses.