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Even though the market has slowed significantly, proven areas will be okay -- buildings located along the Interstate 15 and Interstate 215-east corridors will continue to draw tenants, but there is still some resistance to untested areas like Lake Park and the northwest corridor.
Class C buildings generally require modernization to compete or else landlords must position themselves to draw tenants seeking the lowest possible rent.
Turning old into new again will draw tenants to Midtown, still the best neighborhood in Manhattan, according to L&L Holdings president Robert Lapidus.
Strain said to draw tenants in, her company in many cases has doubled the free rent period from 60 to 120 days.
Watson said he hopes to draw tenants from the Pleasant Hill, Dexter and Lowell areas.
Individual buildings, rather than neighborhoods, have the ability to draw tenants, Levinson said, citing the high ceilings, collaborative space, fresh air and floor-to-ceiling windows found in the plans for the many new office towers planned on Manhattan's far west side.
The Centre Court could be a trial balloon to see if sprucing up property on Broadway will draw tenants and shoppers to the area.