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the final operation in preparing the warp threads for weaving. The threads are run one after the other into the lam holes, the heddle eyes, and the dents of the reed. Drawing-in is performed when new types of fabrics are started

Figure 1. Basic configurations for drawing furnaces: (a) horizontal, (b) three-story horizontal, (c) vertical with single loop, (d) vertical with multiple loops; (1) roller, (2) and (3) devices for coiling and uncoiling the metal strip, (4) metal strip, (5) heating chamber, (6) holding chamber, (7) cooling chamber, (8) heating elements

and when worn-out reeds and heddles are replaced; in other instances, the process is replaced by the mechanical tying of the warp. Drawing-in may be done manually, semimechanically, or automatically. Automatic drawing-in is performed on warp-drawing machines; productivity is approximately four or five times greater than that of the manual method. The warp-drawing machine is controlled by a programmed device.

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