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In the following model a chair assemblage contains years of repetitive dream fragments which actualized as a whole on a ramshackle back porch in a distant location.
Dream fragments connected as one unit far from home, as though they had a memory.
Image 9 Dream Fragments Symbols * Lavender Chair Lavender: lava under Chair: Latin: cathedra, Seat * Bowl crater * Dirt inside bowl earth * Dead greens in bowl dead vegetation under the earth * Yellow fire hydrant dousing of flames
Analogous to superposition and shared states in quantum terms, dream fragments symbolizing two pairs of ancient figures of science transmitted knowledge of their earthly disciplines with the purpose of imparting grave concern for the planet.
The effort to connect and reconstitute myriad dream fragments analogizes the nature of our illusory perception of a fragmented world, calling to mind the dream of the conundrum--a riddle with a pun in its answer; a new order or paradigm.
The clever plot structure weaves together dream fragments, memory and current day reality.
Her work is hallmarked by its spare and lucid prose poems in which she describes and sometimes celebrates aspects of our contemporary landscape, dream fragments, human loss, and the unknowns of our existence in an almost 'stream of consciousness' style of presentation.
As the MHC and client discuss the meanings they have identified through exploration of dream fragments, themes emerge that are the basis for making an interpretation of the dream.
The first step in dream interpretation using DCT is to begin with a client-generated dream fragment and use active listening techniques to help the client talk about the dream.
After processing the first dream fragment, ask what else stood out for the client in the dream.
Chagall, based on Uladzimir Drazdow's play A Through Train to Paris with All Interchanges, imagines the last welter of images, dream fragments and phrases going through the mind of Marc Chagall as he dies in an elevator.