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self-propelled and non-self-propelled vessels used for the excavation and removal of bottom materials in waterways, moorages, water areas within and outside of harbors, and during other hydraulic-engineering operations for the purpose of increasing depth or maintaining the required depth. Dredges are often subsumed under the general term “technical fleet.”

Types of dredges include soil dredges, dump scows, unloading scows, rock dredges (rock crushers), and root-stump extractors. Dredges are classified according to the excavation method as bucket dredges (single-bucket and multibucket) and as suction dredges; according to their method of transporting the materials to the stowage area, they are classified as hopper dredges, barge-loading dredges (which unload the materials into dump scows), and pipeline dredges (which remove the soil in the form of pulp through a pipe). The dredges and their auxiliary vessels and equipment (tugboats, sounding boats, and floating shore pipeline) that carry out the dredging operations in a particular area are referred to collectively as a dredging caravan.


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Suction dredges are much more efficient than bucket line dredges in removing the overburden, especially where that involves stripping roots, wood, grass and shrubs.
"DSC hasn't just built new dredges for us; they have actually helped us modify current dredges that we have as well.
These projects were relatively straightforward since the dredges were to be put to the same use of mining inland alluvial tin.
The DSC Shark Class cutter suction dredge features a PLC-based operating system, electro-proportional hydraulic circuits, high-capacity service water system and an in-line direct marine-style transmission for dredge pump reduction.
One of the two older dredges operating until recently at the adjacent Trail Ridge deposit has been shut down according to plan.
The Marlin Class underwater pump mining dredge manufactured by DSC Dredge LLC is designed to meet the needs of deep mining and aggregate deposits by providing a more efficient tool for material excavation.
DSC Dredge, based in Reserve, La., delivered its first-ever dredge equipped with a Tier 4 Final C32 ACERT Caterpillar engine to a minerals company located in the United States.
California said the dredges destroy fish habitat and stir up mercury that gets into drinking water and builds to toxic levels in fish, among other problems.
An official with the Environmental Protection Agency said Xcel Energy's first efforts to demonstrate the practicality of the wet dredge method for contaminated lake bottom sediment removal at the Ashland Superfund location have been largely successful.