Dredging Operations

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Dredging Operations


the deepening and widening of reservoirs and water courses by excavation (dredging). A distinction is made between capital dredging operations, which are performed during the construction of hydraulic-engineering projects and for the improvement of navigation conditions on waterways, and maintenance dredging operations, which are conducted annually for the removal of debris that disrupts the normal use of hydraulic-engineering structures and navigation routes. The greatest volume of dredging work is done on inland waterways (rivers, reservoirs, and channels), where dredging is used to increase the depth and width of shipping lanes. Seaports and river ports are dredged in order to deepen and widen their water areas to provide mooring access for loaded vessels. Dredging is used for the removal of silt and mud in channel and lake reclamation. It is performed to deepen water-supply canals to individual industrial enterprises and the bottom of water intake works, for the excavation of underwater trenches, and the laying of pipelines and cables.

Dredging is performed mainly by dredging vessels, or dredgers. Dredging of rocky bottoms is usually done by blasting operations.


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There was a shallow bar at the mouth of the river which ought to have been kept down, but the authorities of the State were piously busy gilding afresh the great Buddhist Pagoda just then, and I suppose had no money to spare for dredging operations. I don't know how it may be now, but at the time I speak of that sand bank was a great nuisance to the shipping.
Bahrain's Supreme Council for the Environment (SCE) announced it would carry out a study to explore the impact of sea sand extraction -- including digging and dredging operations -- on local marine environments and wildlife.
The order also bans sand dredging operations in the marine areas north of Muharraq and in the Jarada Island.
He noted that aside from hiring more personnel, the MMDA also has other projects it prioritizes such as flood control, dredging operations of major esteros, traffic light systems, and emergency response, among others.
(POEI) on Wednesday vowed that no black sand mining would take place in dredging operations at the mouth of Cagayan River in Aparri, Cagayan.
The officials said garbage collection and dredging operations are hampered by the proliferation of informal settlers along the banks of waterways, as well as the encroachment of buildings and even private residences on creeks and canals.
The Resolution was filed in the wake of reports that a 2,990-ton hopper dredger 'suddenly appeared off Barangay Lagadian in the coastal town off Barangay Lagadlarin in the coastal town of Lobo in the province of Batangas, purportedly to conduct dredging operations for a company called Seagate Engineering and Buildsystems.'
Sarmiento that when the MGB team went to Lobo last Friday, it found that the Emerald had not yet started dredging operations.
The shelling came during a limited military incursion into the Gaza Strip, which was conducting dredging operations near the Karni crossing east of Gaza city, the media reported.
Meanwhile, the UAE government has started the second phase of dredging operations in connection with the berth extension project at Saqr Port in Ras Al Khaimah, reported Wam, citing a notice to Mariners issued by the Harbour Master of RAK Ports.
In 2017, maintenance dredging operations are planned in the Big port Saint-Petersburg at a volume of 152,000 cubic meters and in the Ust-Luga port at 80,000 cubic meters.