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The houses had all been solid, dressed stone structures; most of them were ploughed through and through by cannon balls--unroofed and sliced down from eaves to foundation--and now a row of them, half a mile long, looks merely like an endless procession of battered chimneys.
It was smooth, and compact, and clean, and the side next the precipices was guarded all along by dressed stone posts about three feet high, placed at short distances apart.
At the point of that angle a short arm joined it to a hexagonal islet with a soil of gravel and its shores faced with dressed stone, a perfection of puerile neatness.
This vast gulf was actually filled in with huge blocks of dressed stone, having arches pierced through them at the bottom for a waterway, over which the road went on sublimely.
It is planned a decomposition in 4 lots: - lot 1: Masonry - dressed stone, - lot 2: Framework - treatment of wood, - lot 3: Cover, - lot 4: Stained glass windows.
Built from mostly dressed stone and complete with a slate roof, you enter the house into a long hallway which leads off to the ground-floor rooms.
The listing posted on South Wales property company Seel and Co's website reads: "The property comprises a detached single storey; slightly irregular shaped building of dressed stone masonry elevations with a mix of upvc and wooden sash fenestration beneath a pitched slate roof covering.
The sizeable lounge has a painted dressed stone inglenook fireplace housing a multi-fuel stove.
It was surrounded by an elegant arch and a dressed stone wall which I remember before it fell down or was removed.
The dressed stone square towers, patterned with gleaming lumps of sugar-white quartz, that comprise the original village are typical of the culture of the area.
Work began on the new church in June 1955 and it was to be entirely made of brick and cast dressed stone - part of the old church was demolished to make way.
Built entirely of dressed stone, Bara Gumbad is a group of three buildings.