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(From "android") The robots of the Star Wars universe. While androids look somewhat human-like, Star Wars' droids are typically fashioned in the likeness of their creators or in a utilitarian design that stresses function over appearance. Droids are equipped with artificial intelligence, though some are naturally created smarter than others depending on the function they are designed to serve.

"Droid" is a Lucasfilm Ltd. trademark.


["A Guide to the Star Wars Universe", Bill Slavicsek, 1994, Lucasfilm Ltd.]

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(1) Slang for Android.

(2) The first Android phone to support Verizon's CDMA cellular technology. All prior Androids were GSM phones. Made by Motorola and introduced in late 2009, the DROID featured a physical keyboard for people who prefer real keys. It was also the first Android with free Google navigation software, and the stocks of GPS vendors took a hit the day after the announcement. The second generation of the DROID added features from the DROID X. See Android and DROID X.

The DROID Slider
The DROID was the first Android-based CDMA offering on the market. (Image courtesy of Motorola, Inc.)
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is expected to release its much-awaited iPhone 5 in September, after the latest member of Verizon's Droid family, Motorola Droid 3, which is expected to begin in-store sales on July 14.
Verizon has added another smartphone to its stable: the Droid 3 from Motorola.
Motorola Inc.'s (NYSE.MOT) Droid X smartphone, which is set to hit the US market on July 15, could not have launched at a better time.
After <a href="http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/20091019/idroid-verizon-droid-motorola-droid-phone-iphone-idroid-commercial.htm" target="_blank">weeks of buzz,</a> Verizon Wireless today officially took the wraps off the Droid, a smartphone built by Motorola and powered by Google's Android 2.0 operating system, by confirming the new phone will hit stores on November 6.
(https://makingstarwars.net/2019/04/a-potential-explanation-to-rambo-threepio-in-star-wars-episode-ix/) Making Star Wars , a reliable website for spoilers of the franchise, has shared new details about why the droid will come to use the Wookiee's weapon, and other funny details.
VPeepz received an average score of 92 while Battle Droids received 90, advancing the former to the competition's next round called 'The Cut.'
(NYSE: VZ) (NASDAQ: VZ) has launched Moto Z Droid and Moto Z Force Droid, two smartphones with up dated video and streaming capabilities on the company's 4G LTE network, the company said.
To make the plans for building "screen-accurate'' droids, club members got measurements from the movies, then got help from "Star Wars'' creator George Lucas, who made available parts from the films' archives.
In the original Star Wars movie, filmmaker George Lucas envisioned robots, or "droids," many of them bipedal and looking in a general sense like humans, as being of vital importance in helping maintain the material infrastructure of society.
While Anakin fights Geonosians and battle droids on an assembly line, Padme finds herself trapped within a giant crucible, in line for a fully automated metal tapping mechanism.