unmanned aerial vehicle

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unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)

unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
Predator tactical UAV.
A powered, aerial vehicle that does not carry a human operator, uses aerodynamic forces to provide vehicle lift, can fly autonomously or be piloted remotely, can be expendable or recoverable, and can carry a lethal or nonlethal payload. Ballistic or semiballistic vehicles, cruise missiles, and artillery projectiles are not considered unmanned aerial vehicles. Also called remotely piloted vehicles (RPVs) and uninhabited combat aerial vehicles (UCAV).
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in unmanned aerial vehicles." We're rapidly advancing toward an environment in which future wars may involve "hybrid" combat "by proxy" forces such as (https://www.fool.com/investing/2016/07/01/3-reasons-boeing-should-buy-kra.aspx) remotely operated drone aircraft , (https://www.fool.com/investing/general/2016/02/07/russias-new-robot-tank-could-disrupt-international.aspx) tanks , and (https://www.fool.com/investing/general/2016/05/09/meet-huntington-ingalls-new-remote-controlled-subm.aspx) underwater vehicles .
Eric DeMarco, President and CEO of Kratos, said, Since 2013 we have been making significant internally funded investments in KUSD to develop and own the intellectual property in a suite of high performance unmanned aerial drone aircraft and systems, which is now generating significant returns via long term, multi-year program and contract awards.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The number of modern unmanned aerial vehicles in the Russian army has increased to 1,720 in 2015 from just 180 drone aircraft in 2011
Hellfire missiles will be launched from Drone aircraft under the new directives
The drone aircraft fired two missiles at the compound, completely destroying it, they said.
In Syria, attack, fighter, bomber, and drone aircraft launched 20 airstrikes: near Al Hasakah, where "three airstrikes struck two ISIL tactical units and destroyed an ISIL armored vehicle and an ISIL VBIED (vehicle-borne improvised explosive device)," near Dayr az Zawr, where one airstrike "struck a crude oil collection point," and near Ain Al-Arab/Kobane, where "13 airstrikes struck an ISIL large tactical unit, eight ISIL tactical units, three ISIL fighting positions and destroyed 21 ISIL fighting positions, two ISIL staging areas, two ISIL tanks and three ISIL vehicles," CJTF-OIR affirmed.
Fighter jets and drone aircraft destroyed an armed truck that was firing on Kurdish forces near Irbil, and then followed up with four more attacks on other armed trucks and a mortar position, the Pentagon reported.
ISAF drone aircraft fired missile at a car which resulted in the killing of six militants onboard, he added.
A few years ago, when drone aircraft first began to make their mark, the first uses for the technology were naturally in the military.
The Federal Aviation Administration is expecting thousands of drone aircraft to be introduced to the skies over the next several years, and they want universities to help them develop the roadmap.
Summary: The news late last week that a drone aircraft was hovering over the residence of a prominent Lebanese politician has seemingly come and gone with little in the way of official action or even rhetoric.
The very thought of drone aircraft makes many people uneasy.