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Without a band he relied on his electro-acoustic guitar and drum machine, which mostly worked when the tempo was set correctly and didn't cut out halfway through a song.
In other words, the drum machines of the late 1950s to the early 1970s were primarily rhythm playback machines with very limited opportunity for the musician to manipulate the sound of each drum or the rhythm played and no ability to program user-created rhythms.
Step sequencer for the basslines and the drum machines.
EARLY DAY ELECTRONICA: Besides drum machines and synthesisers, one of the instruments Williams uses is the theremin - a vintage electronic music device which responds to the movement of a musician's hands
Direct from the Drum machines have two limitations.
Solo artists with drum machines and effects pedals buck the trend.
I had a love of drum machines and copying those rhythms on my set growing up.
Besides being an accomplished percussionist, he also plays piano, bass, programs drum machines and sequencers, and helps on choruses.
This matched up perfectly with the band's downscale gear-K-Mart guitars, chintzy chord organs, broken-down drum machines, and the like.
After all, all those drum machines and keening Korgs and DX7s could lay down a solid, unwavering groove and stick by it for hours.
Using computers is only the beginning; MIDI, electronic keyboards, digital pianos, synthesizers, sequencers, and drum machines already directly affect the independent music teaching profession.
In sympathy, Johnston uses deliberately primitivist means, exclusively employing computers and drum machines from the 1980s.