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(formerly Druskieniki; from Lithuanian druskinis, “salty”), a city in the Lithuanian SSR. Balneological, mud-bath, and climatic resort situated on the right bank of the Nemunas (Neman) River at its confluence with the Ratnycios River, 133 km from Vilnius, 130 km from Kaunas and 42 km from Grodno. Terminus of a railroad branch (19 km) of the Vilnius-Grodno line. Navigation on the Nemunas to Grodno. Population, 11,000 (1970).

Druskininkai has warm summers with average July temperatures of 18°C and fairly mild winters with average January temperatures of -5°C; autumn is somewhat warmer than spring. Annual precipitation totals about 640 mm. Therapeutic remedies include chloride sodium-calcium mineral water used for baths and inhalations; water from the Birute well has the following composition:

It is used for drinking and bottling. Peat is used for pelotherapy. Treatment is given for diseases of the locomotor organs, nervous system, and digestive organs; metabolic and cardiovascular disorders; respiratory ailments of nontubercular nature; and gynecological diseases. There are sanatoriums, a bathhouse, a large balneology and pelotherapy hospital, vacation hotels, and a park for therapeutic calisthenics with swimming pools and a waterfall. The resort is open year round. Druskininkai produces art objects. It has a branch of the Kaunas Art Museum and a memorial museum of the artist and composer M. K. Ciurlionis. The first water cure hospital was opened in 1837.


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The Minister will introduce Lithuania's stand, where tourism information centers from Vilnius, Kaunas, Druskininkai, Palanga and Trakai will take part this year, as well as travel agencies from the German market.
Druskininkai Municipality also intends to sign the Cooperation agreement with one of municipalities.
The team will spend New Year with an epic party in the Lithuanian spa town of Druskininkai, with a recovery day spent at the baths.
Territorial NLS divisions which regularized biggest number of improperly prepared cadastral files of land plots in 2011 Territorial division Files Files Files accepted denied checked in the field Vilnius district 5230 3752 15 Kaunas district 3110 3312 46 Vilnius city 4572 2623 114 Lazdijai, Druskininkai 1832 2037 83 Alytus 3394 1974 15 Klaipeda district 4634 1859 33 Trakai and Elektrenai 3367 1551 33 Panevezys 2816 1019 31 Mazeikiai 1811 981 447 Marijampole, Kazlu 2010 880 423 Ruda, Kalvarija Source: National Land Service.
com 4 SNOW ARENA, Druskininkai, Lithuania THIS ski hall, with a 640m-long piste, is located in Lithuania's largest spa city.
Considering the results of the study (with reference to the example of Druskininkai " Grand SPA Lietuva" health and relaxation centre (Figs.
KLAIPEDA - Lithuania's western coast is poised to catch up with Druskininkai, the resort town in the south, in the number of new spas and water treatment and amusement facilities.
lt Projects: author or co-author of architectural design and planning works: the main building of the Lithuania Academy of Agriculture, cultural and medical buildings in Druskininkai, blocks of flats in Druskininkai and Marijampole, Catholic church in Virsuziglis, etc.
The above-described sequence has been really applied to the facility [20] "Skiing slops with snow pavement in Druskininkai, Lithuania" (Fig.