a river in northern Poland, a right tributary of the Vistula. Its length is 252 km, and it drains a basin of 5,500 sq km. It rises in the Masurian Lake region and flows through a forested plain. The average flow of water is 26 cu m per sec. Timber is floated on the Drwęca, and its lower course is navigable. The upper reaches of the Drwęca are linked with the Gulf of GdaĔsk by the Elbląg-Ostroda Canal. The city of Brodnica is on the Drwęca.

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Contract notice: Preparation of project documentation for the task titled "observation tower on the drweca escarpment".
Contract notice: Capacity enhancement of rivers - treatment with aquatic vegetation rivers: wda, drweca, brda, zbrzyca, ilawka and dzierzgon - in selected sections.
From km 13 + 200 planned road to the right side of the existing DK7, and then enter into a corridor of the existing road in the track, crossing the river Drweca, which runs to km 16 + 000.