fire hydrant

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fire hydrant

a hydrant for use as an emergency supply for fighting fires, esp one in a street

Fire Hydrant


a stationary device for obtaining water from an outdoor water-supply system for fire-fighting purposes. There are underground and surface hydrants. Underground hydrants are set in covered wells, and water is obtained by screwing onto the hydrant a shaft with two water outlets for hose connections. One kind of surface hydrant is the column type, which supplies water for fire-fighting and domestic needs; it combines features of a hydrant shaft and a surface hydrant.

fire hydrant

[′fīr ‚hī·drənt]
(civil engineering)
An outlet from a water main provided inside buildings or outdoors to which fire hoses can be connected. Also known as fire plug; hydrant.

fire hydrant, fireplug

fire hydrant
A supply outlet from a water main, for use in case of fire.
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"When we were approached by the Wawasee Resident Association to install dry hydrants, we were really excited about the idea of working on the lake for the summer," says Mahaffa.
Once Middlebury Electric crews had the right equipment, they embarked on this unusual job, installing 15 dry hydrants ranging in size from 6-inch to 8-inch pipe.
And it looks like Middlebury's crews will have that option, as several other resident associations from lakes nearby have approached them about installing dry hydrants in their neighborhoods.
"These dry hydrants just make sense around the lake area," says Mahaffa.
The cost of installing a dry hydrant will run from about $500 if you hire a backhoe and purchase the pipe and fittings required yourself, to over $1,000 if you contract out installation.
For local dry hydrant requirements: contact your local fire department to determine what fittings are required for their equipment, your local Soil Conservation Services Office for design assistance and the local road department for possible assistance in improving access to the site.
Manufacturers of dry hydrant components include Schlumberger Industries, Water Division, Highway 229 South, Tallassee, AL 36078; KenMar, 2531 Willard Dairy Road, High Point, NC 27265 and Red Head Brass, Inc., Box 566, Shreve, OH 44676.
"There are about 15 dry hydrants located around town," he said, adding, "We can always draw water from them."
Contract notice: preventive and corrective maintenance on fire extinguishers, fire hose, columns and dry hydrants at the university of tours on the poles estate tours and blois for the period 2013-2017.