wet riser

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standpipe connection
A pipe or tank used for the storage of water, esp. for emergency use.
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Aberdeen City Council said the dry riser at the block had last been checked and was in full working order at the start of last month.
"In the west of Glasgow, where we recently had a spate of dry riser outlet valves stolen, our neighbourhood wardens and housing officers check every dry riser point in the multi-storeys during their patrols.
Bush Fire provides companies with a service to test the effectiveness of dry riser systems in order to meet the requirements of insurance companies and fire and licensing authorities.
"The vandalising of these dry riser outlets could have had serious consequences."
Blast has also hosted sessions for Johnny Dickinson, nominated as Best New Musician in Radio 2's Folk Awards, and new band Dry Riser.
"They need that entrance to access a dry riser and reach water supplies."
The youngsters have been seen ripping the hoses from dry riser outlets and then risking their lives by using them to scale down the sides of derelict multi-storey blocks.
On each floor there was a locked dry riser cupboard which housed a valve solely for the use of firefighters.