Du Cerceau

Du Cerceau:

see Androuet du CerceauAndrouet du Cerceau
, family of French architects active in the 16th and 17th cent. It was founded by Jacques Androuet, c.1520–c.1584, surnamed du Cerceau [Fr.,=circle] from the emblem of a circle marking his workshop.
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Du Cerceau


(also Ducerceau), a French family of architects of the 16th and 17th centuries.

Jacques Androuet the Elder. Born 1510 or 1512, in Paris; died circa 1585, in Annecy, Savoy. From 1531 to 1533 he worked in Italy. He is famous for his collections of engravings (Book of Architecture, 1559-61; Classical Arches and Monuments, 1560; The Most Beautiful Buildings of France, 2 vols., 1576-79, containing reproductions made with detailed precision). In his designs and visionary architectural schemes he drew freely upon elements from classical and Italian Renaissance architecture. He designed the splendid and imposing châteaux Charleval (Normandy) and Verneuil (Ile-de-France).

Jacques Androuet the Younger. Born circa 1550; died 1614. He participated in the building of the Grande Galérie of the Louvre and the Pavilion de Flore of the Tuileries in Paris (1600-08).

Salomon de Brosse also belonged to the Du Cerceau family.


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Parmi les domaines sur lesquels ils ont insiste l'on retient l'apprentissage des sciences informatiques, de l'espace, les mathematiques et les dessins animes, les jeux d'echecs, du cerceau dans le but de d'integrer le jeu et le divertissement comme support d'enseignement.
Ainsi, en feuilletant du pouce et de l'index Les Jeux de notre enfance, le lecteur a rendez-vous avec le jeu du cerceau et tant d'autres loisirs qui ont marque a tout jamais une tranche de vie de notre existence.
At Christie's on 4 July, the slightest of Raphaels, a head of the Madonna, fetched 54,000 [pounds sterling] and the Louvre acquired a 16th-century sheet by Jacques Androuet du Cerceau the Elder, A Portico of Two Stories in the Ionic Order above a Flight of Steps, for 38,400 [pounds sterling].
Du Cerceau (1703) made changes without changing the message.
13) Jean-Antoine Du Cerceau (1670-1730), wrote his Enfant prodigue for performance by students at the celebrated Jesuit college of La Fleche in 1703.
Du Cerceau constructs his three-act play around the frictions between the father and both sons.
The father thanks God for the happy ending, but Du Cerceau does not give him a godlike role throughout the play.
In this context, Antoine Caron, Jacques Androuet du Cerceau, Palladio, and Etienne du Perec are considered.
Bernard Palissy and Philibert de l'Orme each have a chapter, and Jean Bullant, Olivier de Serres, Jacques Boyceau, Jacques Androuet du Cerceau, and Salomon de Brosse share a chapter under second-generation" Calvinist architects.
Preston Pashe, de la reserve Dakota Tipi, y a execute une danse du cerceau spectaculaire.
For example, she laments that the chateau of Madrid "is to us now no more than a name; during the days of the Revolution everything perished, and the loss is the more to be regretted as the original outlines of the plan, preserved for us by [Jacques] Du Cerceau, are most expressive" (1:62).
The east wing underwent various changes, the most remarkable being the creation in 1632-34 of the horseshoe-shaped staircase by the architect Jean Androuet du Cerceau.