Dual Alliance

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Dual Alliance,

1879–82: see Triple Alliance and Triple EntenteTriple Alliance and Triple Entente
, two international combinations of states that dominated the diplomatic history of Western Europe from 1882 until they came into armed conflict in World War I.
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the Dual Alliance was a mass of contradictions: a military alliance with no specific provisions for its maintenance, let alone its success, created to serve high policy ends in the hope that...
Nevertheless, scholars in the field as well as others interested in Austro-German relations will welcome Military Diplomacy in the Dual Alliance as an important contribution to our understanding of one aspect of the Great War's origins.
At any rate, given Austria-Hungary's place among the Great Powers and within the Dual Alliance, it is easy to conclude that the Habsburg Empire was fated for decline and probably for an early defeat and death.
In short, although Kennedy believed strongly in America's moral commitment to Israeli security and took steps to strengthen the Jewish State's ability to resist aggression, he, nevertheless, continued the State Department policy of no dual alliance and placating Arab ambitions, despite the Soviet Union's continued efforts to encourage the Arabs to plan the next "round" against Israel.
In other words, within the context of absolutism and centralization, quorum justices represented a particularly vexed instance of what I have described as the justice's dual alliance to his local community and to the central government.
Yet Shakespeare discredits Shallow's effort to resolve this dual alliance to the central government and to his local community.
The play's depictions of Shallow and Evans also suggest that the justice and parson are unable to maintain local order precisely because they do not share the collective identities of "townsmen" and "gentlemen." When Shallow attempts to make sense of the justice's dual alliance to the central government and to his local community, he defines the local community from which he derives his status not as the town of Windsor but as the "county of Gloucester" (1.1.5).
Perhaps it is not surprising, then, that Shakespeare attributes the ineffectiveness of the Elizabethan judicial system in part to Shallow's method of resolving the justice's dual alliances. The cousins stress that Shallow is the county's principal justice--the "Custa-lorum" (1.1.7)--and that his three-hundred-year-old title as a local esquire is not merely the temporary designation granted by the state to justices during their tenure.
Instead of abandoning the Mitteleuropa concept in the post-unification era, however, Bismarck set a diplomatic agenda that included bolstering Austro-German power within the Austro-Hungarian Empire, creating a "Dual Alliance" with outright German support for Austrian expansion into the Balkans, and promoting an "economic Mitteleuropa" in lieu of a true Germanic confederation.
addresses this "command failure" as it concerned the war plans of the Dual Alliance of Germany and--his special focus--Austria-Hungary.
The son of one of these survivors is a top CIA Agent charged with pursuing a cunning terrorist group, but the real heart of the story lies in the evolving scenario of a dangerous defector's dual alliances.