Dual In-line Memory Module

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Dual In-line Memory Module

Small circuit boards carrying memory integrated circuits, with signal and power pins on both sides of the board, in contrast to single-in-line memory modules (SIMM).

The individual gold or lead connectors (pins) on SIMMs, although they are on both sides of the chip, are connected to the same memory chip, while on a DIMM, the connections on each side of the module connect to different chips. This allows for a wider data path, as more modules can be accessed at once. DIMM pins are arranged in a zigzag design to allow PCB tracks to pass between them.

The 8-byte DIMM format with dual-sided contacts can accommodate 4- and 16-megabit dynamic RAM chips, and is predicted to handle 64- and 256-Mbit devices. The 8-byte DIMM will hold up to 32 megabytes of memory using 16-Mbit DRAMs, but with the 256-Mbit future-generation DRAM, it will be able to hold a 64-Mx64 configuration. Another variation, the 72-pin SO-DIMM, is designed to connect directly to 32 bit data buses, and is intended for use in memory-expansion applications in notebook computers.

A Dual in-line memory module (DIMM), as opposed to SIMMs (used by the majority of the PC industry) allows for a 128-bit data path by interleaving memory on alternating memory access cycles. SIMMs on the other hand, have a 64-bit data path. Suppliers are unanimous in their belief that the DIMM will eventually replace the SIMM as the market's preferred memory module.
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(Dual In-Line Memory Module) A printed circuit board that holds memory chips and plugs into a DIMM socket on the motherboard. See memory module.
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IBM's 1Gb SDRAM dual in-line memory modules will be available in PC133 and PC100 speed grades.
(Elpida), Japan's leading supplier of Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM), today announced the availability of 4 Gigabyte DDR2 Registered Dual In-Line Memory Modules (DIMMs) that offer high-density and high-performance benefits for server applications.
With Taiwanese design house, VIA Technologies, aggressively promoting PC133 (CI No 3,647) with a series of conferences, module makers such as Unigen Corp, Smart Modular Technologies Inc and Kingston Technology Co are all starting to produce PC133 dual in-line memory modules (DIMMs) for OEMs.
Elpida Memory, Inc (Elpida) has announced volume production of its 512 Megabit-based 2 Gigabyte DDR2 registered dual in-line memory modules (DIMMs).