Dual In-Line Package

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dual in-line package

[¦dü·əl ¦in ‚līn ′pak·ij]
Microcircuit package with two rows of seven vertical leads that are easily inserted into an etched circuit board. Abbreviated DIP.

Dual In-Line Package

(DIL, DIP) The most common type of package for small and medium scale integrated circuits, with up to about 48 pins. The pins hang vertically from the two long edges of the rectangular package, spaced at intervals of 0.1 inch. The pins fit through holes in the circuit board to which they are soldered or into a socket.

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This packaging option is available in a wide variety of ceramics, among them ceramic ball grid array (CBGA), ceramic dual-inline package (CDIP), and leadless chip carrier (LCC).
The ACNV4506 optocoupler is available in a 500 mil 10-pin dual-inline package (DIP) as well as a gull wing lead option for standard surface mount processes, both with 13-mm creepage and clearance that meets the IEC60664-1 standard.
Avago's new SSRs are dual channel, providing two independent Form A (normally open) single-pole single-throw (SPST) relays in an industry-standard 8-pin dual-inline package (DIP).
The ADNS-3080 optical mouse sensor is supplied in a 20-pin staggered dual-inline package (DIP) and designed for use with the Agilent ADNS-2120 (round or trim) lens, the ADNS-2220 (clear or black) LED assembly clip, and the HLMP-ED80-XX000 LED illumination source.
60 (USD) in either 20-pin small outline integrated circuit (SOIC) package or plastic dual-inline package (PDIP).
The FOD2741 incorporates an optocoupler, precision reference, and error amplifier into an 8-pin white, dual-inline package, making it the functional equivalent of a Fairchild KA431 shunt voltage regulator and a CNY17F-3 optocoupler in a single, space saving device.
Housed in an industry-standard 8-pin dual-inline package (DIP), the SFH67xx features a fast data rate of 5 Mbits/s (2.
HP intends to offer a range of products for intermediate and long-reach telecommunications specifications operating at both 155Mb/s and 622Mb/s in a dual-inline package with detachable pigtails featuring MT-connector technology.
The components included three 64-pin connectors with gold finish, three plastic dual-inline packages (DIP) with 16 pins and 100% tin matte finish, and 25 axial resistors with 100% tin finish.
Machine centers were dedicated to radial components, axial components and dual-inline packages (DIPs).
Some of the key benefits provided by this new optocoupler series include a smaller stretched SO-8 (SSO-8) package which meets 8mm clearance and creepage requirements, and requires 30 percent less printed circuit board space compared to dual-inline packages (DIP-8).
Avago's ACPL-C78A/C780/C784 family of isolation amplifiers come in a new stretched SO-8 package with a footprint that is 30 percent smaller than conventional dual-inline packages (DIP), yet meet 8 mm creepage and clearance requirements.