Dubos, Jean Baptiste

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Dubos, Jean Baptiste


Born December 1670, in Beauvais; died Mar. 23, 1742, in Paris. French abbot and historian. Member of the French Academy from 1720.

In the course of a polemic with the Germanist H. Boulainvilliers, Dubos for the first time formulated the position of the so-called Romanists. He rejected the fact that the Franks conquered Gaul, claiming that the Gauls themselves invited the Franks and that this was followed by a peaceful assimilation of the Germans by the Gallo-Romans. Dubos also claimed that aristocratic privileges appeared in the ninth and tenth centuries only as a result of the usurpation of the people’s rights by the aristocracy; he believed that this justified the rising bourgeoisie’s struggle with the feudal aristocracy.


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