Dubov, Nikolai Ivanovich

Dubov, Nikolai Ivanovich


Born Oct. 22 (Nov. 4), 1910, in Omsk. Soviet Russian writer.

Dubov, the son of a worker, lives in the Ukraine. He is the author of the plays At the Threshold (staged in 1948) and Morning is Coming (staged in 1950), the novellas At the Earth’s End (1951), Lights on the River (1952), Overcome by Fear (1963), The Boy at the Seashore (1963), and The Fugitive (1966), and the novel Too Bad to Be Lonely (book 1, “The Orphan,” 1955, book 2, “A Stiff Test,” 1960; State Prize, 1970). Dubov’s works are concerned with acute contemporary problems and the turning points in the lives of young people—most frequently those of adolescents. His novellas Lights on the River and The Boy at the Seashore have been made into motion pictures.


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