Duc de Sully

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Sully, Duc de


(Maximilien de Béthune, Baron de Rosny). Born Dec. 13, 1559, in Rosny-sur-Seine; died Dec. 22, 1641, in Villebon. French statesman; duke (1606).

A Huguenot, Sully was one of the closest advisers to Henry of Navarre (Henry IV) at the time of the wars of religion. During the reign of Henry IV he held a number of important governmental posts and became the superintendent of finances. He strengthened the state’s financial position and liquidated much of the national debt. Sully reorganized the tax-farming system, reduced the taille, raised indirect taxes, and carried out a monetary reform. After the assassination of Henry IV he was relieved of all his posts. In the second decade of the 17th century. Sully participated in the protests of the feudal aristocracy against the royal regime.

Sully was the author of memoirs in which he glorified himself and Henry IV.


Mémoires.... Paris, 1942.


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