Ducic, Jovan

Dučić, Jovan


Born Feb. 5, 1874, in Trebinje, Hercegovina; died Apr. 7, 1943, in Gary, USA. Serbian symbolist poet. Dučić graduated from the pedagogical school in Sombor.

Dučić’s poetry is highly individualistic, as exemplified by his collections Poems (1901, 1908, 1911) and Prose Poems: Blue Legends (1908). His lyric poetry is marked by a subtle perception of nature, elegance of form, and expressiveness of poetic diction. Dučić also wrote travel sketches (Cities and Chimeras, 1930), essays on philosophical, moral, and aesthetic subjects (The Treasures ofCzarRadovana, 1932), and critical studies.


Sabrana dyela, books 1-6. Sarajevo, 1969.
In Russian translation:
Poety Iugoslavii XIX-XX vv. Moscow, 1963.