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Officer Cherry then took the ducklings into the woods, where earlier the mother could be heard and seen flying around.
Finally, Dixie's ducklings hatch and grow with her nurturing supervision.
A 72-year-old Myrtle Beach man is facing a misdemeanor mistreatment of animals charge after police say he intentionally drove his BMW coupe over a family of ducklings crossing the road.
The production follows the shunned duckling as she struggles to fit in with fellow ducklings, as well as with frogs, cats and even a fox - before beginning a new life as a beautiful swan.
She tries to make friends with fellow ducklings as well as with frogs, cats and even a fox, but realising she is not like any of these animals, she is left sad and alone.
FIVE orphaned ducklings had to be rescued yesterday after they tumbled into a drain.
Ten ducklings are sitting pretty after their canny mum found them a cracking little nest in the back garden of a Birmingham house.
THREE baby ducklings have a new pri-mate for life after they were rescued by a chimp in Dublin Zoo.
A DUCK took shelter on the roof of a Liverpool school to hatch her ducklings.
Owen, from Washington, was handed 26 pochard eggs and spent two months in a hotel room tending them and the 24 ducklings which hatched.
The mother duck kept her distance but two of the ducklings came closer.
A CANTON woman was amazed to discover that a family of daredevil ducklings had leapt 20ft from a roof into her garden.