Duckula, Count

Duckula, Count

(pop culture)

Count Duckula was a cartoon character introduced in the United Kingdom in the 1980s. A cross between Dracula and Donald Duck, he lived in modern-day Transylvania at Castle Duckula with his servants Igor and Nanny. While coming from a long line of vampire ducks, and feared by the local villagers, Count Duckula was a vegetarian who preferred vegetable juice to blood. He wore the requisite evening dress and opera cape, but had no fangs. He slept in a magical coffin that could transport him, and his entire castle, to various parts of the world for his adventures. He had an archenemy in Dr. Von Goosewing, the vampire hunter. The unfortunate count was in love with the doctor’s niece, Vanna von Goosewing.

Count Duckula was brought to television as an animated cartoon series in the United Kingdom in 1988, a series later shown in America. Also in 1988, Marvel Comics introduced a Count Duckula comic that appeared bi-monthly for fifteen issues.


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