Dudarova, Veronika

Dudarova, Veronika Borisovna


Born Nov. 22 (Dec. 5), 1916, in Baku. Soviet conductor. People’s Artist of the USSR (1977). Member of the CPSU since 1950.

Dudarova studied piano with P. A. Serebriakov at the music school of the Leningrad Conservatory from 1933 to 1937. In 1947 she graduated from the conducting department of the Moscow Conservatory, where she had studied with N. P. Anosov and L. M. Ginzburg. Dudarova began conducting in 1944. In 1947 she became a conductor, and in 1960 chief conductor and artistic director, of the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra.

Dudarova has been awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor and various medals.