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North, Dudley


Born May 16, 1641, in London; died there Dec. 31, 1691. English merchant and economist.

North lived in Turkey for many years. During the reign of Charles II (1660–85) he was sheriff of London, and later a commissioner of customs. An economic theorist of the period of disintegration of mercantilism, North argued that the wealth of a country is not determined by its gold and silver reserves but rather by the development of its industry, agriculture, and international trade. Considering capitalist development a natural process, he favored free trade and opposed state intervention in economic life. He established that the level of the interest rate is fixed by supply and demand rather than by the amount of currency in circulation. K. Marx described North as “one of the most prominent theoretical economists of his time” (K. Marx and F. Engels, Soch., 2nd ed., vol. 25, part 2, p. 161).

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He was referring to an article in your previous week's edition by the Labour MP for Dudley North, Ian Austin, in a rebuff of Enoch Powell's speech 50 years ago in Birmingham, misinterpreted by many out of touch politicians as racist.
THE Defiant's designer, John Dudley North, died on January 13, 1968, in Bridgnorth, Shropshire.
For Dudley North MP Ian Austin was joined by West Bromwich East MP Tom Watson, Labour's deputy leader; Wolverhampton South East MP Pat McFadden, and West Bromwich West MP Adrian Bailey in delivering the flag.
MY interest in politics is so limited that for a few days I didn't know if Dudley North was a constituency or a candidate.
But Ian Austin, once a regional Labour party press officer for the West Midlands, now MP for Dudley North, will sometimes attend cabinet as a Parliamentary Private Secretary to Mr Brown.
Dudley North MP Ross Cranston condemned last week's sickening attack at the town's zoo -which was captured by CCTV cameras -as barbaric.
He followed the work with biographies of Sir Dudley North and John North.
DUDLEY North MP Ian Austin is calling on Theresa May to impose a total ban on the ivory trade in the UK after a pledge to do so was dropped from the Tories 2017 manifesto.
LABOUR retained its grip on the Black Country but the Conservatives gained one seat in Walsall, while in Dudley North Ian Austin Labour hung on with a wafer thing majority of 22.
Dudley North is an area which needs a champion to pull it together.
Labour's Ian Austin, MP for Dudley North, told the Commons this would support British business and be good for the environment.
Ian Austin, the MP for Dudley North, told Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt he had concerns about the decision by the local health body, NHS Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), to put a 15-year contract out to tender.