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Greenville, SC, March 13, 2019 --( Waypost Marketing, a leading Greenville-based inbound marketing agency, has recently brought in a new graphic designer, Dumah Morgan, to join its rapidly-growing Design team.
Dumah graduated from Lander University with a Bachelor's of Arts in Visual Arts.
"I am excited to be working with the talented and creative people at Waypost Marketing," Dumah said.
The name Dumat Al-Jundal is derived from the phrase "Dumah of Stone" because it was a place occupied by renowned people in the ancient times.
Passed by Sarhan valley (Dumah Aljandal) by the Basri city in north lead to Damascus and connected to West.
(24) The angel of death, assisted by the one called Dumah, who rules over the world of 'silence', beats the corpse violently with metal chains ...
Caulker and Ko-Thi music director Dumah Saafir, who painstakingly research the cultures of West Africa, Haiti and Brazil in their ongoing work for the dance company, chose not to take a culturally specific approach in selecting the music and dance of Benito Cereno, opting instead for a representation of the entire diaspora.
It was also a place on the edge of the Nefud desert, where traders came en route between Madinah and Dumah.