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(do͝omyät`) or


(dămēĕt`ə), city (1986 pop. 89,069), capital of Dumyat governorate, N Egypt, on Lake Manzala near the Mediterranean Sea. It is a manufacturing and trade center. Its products include glassware; cotton, silk, and rayon textiles; and processed rice and fish. Of commercial and strategic importance in the Middle Ages, Dumyat was pillaged by the Byzantines and by the Sicilian NormansNormans,
designation for the Northmen, or Norsemen, who conquered Normandy in the 10th cent. and adopted Christianity and the customs and language of France. Abandoning piracy and raiding, they adopted regular commerce and gave much impetus to European trade.
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. It was captured and held by Crusaders from 1219 to 1221 and again (under Louis IX of France) from 1249 to 1250. Dimity, a sheer cotton fabric, was first made there. The city is the seat of Dumyat Institute, a branch of Al Azhar Univ.
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a city in Egypt. Sea and river port in the Nile Delta near the Mediterranean mouth of the Nile River; administrative center of the governorate of Dumyāt. Population, 86,300 (1966). Dumyāt is a trade and transportation center with a large rice-polishing industry and production of cotton, silk, and rayon articles.

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(3) Department of Dermatology, Al-Azhar University, Dumyat, Egypt.
In Egypt, our results support increased surveillance of backyard flocks near Benha, Cairo, Dumyat, El Faiyum, Shibin el Kom, and Tanta, where suitability for subtypes H5N1 and H3N2 is predicted to be high.
In Egypt this is more so with the presence of a high concentration of urban centers in the Nile delta and the Red Sea coast (Dumyat, Mansurah, Suez, Ismailiyah) that connect the capital to the rural hinterland and thus act as nodes of unequal distribution of neoliberal goods (like education without employment).
AWB , which is a member of NBK Group, was established in 1980 and has 39 branches across Egypt including at Cairo, Al Jezza, Alexandria, Sharam Al Shaikh, Al Ghardaka, Tanta, 6th October, 10th Ramadan, Al Mansoura, Dumyat and Souhaj.
He said most of the sand was imported from the Egyptian cities of Dumyat and Arish.
The arms shipment began its journey about 10 days ago aboard an Iranian shi= p that sailed from the port of Bandar Abbas to the Mediterranean port of Da= mietta (Dumyat) in Egypt.
Al-Bakharzi's Dumyat al-qasr, a collection of biographies of poets of the 5th/11th century which includes excerpts from their poetry, has, as far as I know, no entries for exegetes apart from that for al-Wahidi.
A third factor is the influence of Cairene Arabic, along the medieval trade roads of the Central Delta from Cairo to Dumyat. (25) B&W do not consider religion as a factor of difference for rural dialects.
Entertainer Jim Wilson, 62, was about to take the stage at five-year-old Alex Muir's party at the Dumyat Leisure Centre in Menstrie, Clackmannanshire, when he collapsed.
Indeed, some twelfth century Muslim leaders were prepared to trade the city of Jerusalem for Dammietta (now Dumyat), a then-important port on the Egyptian coast.
Anger over a Dumyat path, installed as part of the Beauly to Denny pylon mitigation works, flared up again this week.
At first it was smaller, local hills they walked including Dumyat and Ben A'an, before tackling their first Munro together, Ben Lomond.