Duncan, Adrian

Duncan, Adrian

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Adrian Duncan is a full-time astrologer working from his base in Copenhagen, Denmark. He runs the website WOW: World of Wisdom (www.world-of-wisdom.com) both to show what’s going on astrologically at any given moment and also to market his astrology software. He is Welsh but was born in York, England. During his youth he went to boarding school in Cambridge for six years.

Duncan did the opposite of what boarding school trained him to do, dropped out of university and headed out East. As a consequence of a year-long stay in India in 1970, he was gripped by the magic of astrology. His eldest son Tommy was born in Goa. At his Saturn return—aged 30—he moved to Denmark. After about five years in Denmark, he became president of the Copenhagen Astrology Society and remained so for about seven years.

During the eighties Duncan had the opportunity to speak at conferences and astrological societies in cities in the United States, Canada, ireland, England, Holland, Norway, and Sweden. Gripped by the atmosphere of New York while on tour there in 1987, he began writing his first book, Doing Time on Planet Earth.

In the nineties Duncan developed the World of Wisdom program. His goal with WOW is to enable ordinary people to understand their horoscopes in greater depth without needing to visit an astrologer. Sales of WOW have reached over 200,000 copies in 12 languages. In 1998 a second program, “Astrology for Lovers,” designed specifically for relationships, was released.

In March 1998 Duncan moved rather suddenly from Denmark to England. The opportunity arose to be editor for the Journal of the Astrological Association of Great Britain. He moved back to Denmark in 2001. His latest book, Astrology: Empowerment and Transformation, was published by Weiser in December 2002.

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