Dunwich Horror, The

Dunwich Horror, The (movie)

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

1970 movie directed by Daniel Haller and starring Sandra Dee, Dean Stockwell, Sam Jaffe, and Donna Baccala. Adapted from a novella by H. P. Lovecraft.

Wilbur Whateley (Stockwell) is a collector of grimoires—old books of magic—and covets one named the Necronomicon, which he wants to use to bring the "Old Ones" back to Earth. Dr. Henry Armitage (Ed Begley Sr.) tries valiantly to stop him. Nancy Walker (Dee) is a young librarian who is drawn into the magic, almost to her peril.

Although both Lovecraft's book and the movie are fiction, many people came to believe that there really was a diabolical grimoire called the Necronomicon. Such was the demand that an enterprising modern author finally produced one!

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Lovecraft grasped this, and it is what makes his stories so stupendous, Cyclopean evil so effective when thy are good [The Dunwich Horror, The Rats in the Walls, The Colour out of Space].