Intel Core

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Intel Core

Intel's consumer line of x86 CPUs (the high-end x86 line is branded with the Xeon name (see Xeon). Starting in 2006, the Core chips superseded the 13-year run of the Pentium, and Pentiums were relegated to lower-cost, entry-level PCs. The Core name was assigned to three different architecture families summarized below, starting with the most recent. See microarchitecture and Pentium.

Core M
Introduced in 2014, Core M is a family of power-efficient CPU chips targeted for laptops and tablets. See Core M.

Core i Series (i3, i5, i7, i9)
The i7, the first model of the i series was launched in 2008, which was the high end of the line. The less-powerful i5 and i3 models were introduced in 2009 and 2010, respectively. In 2017, the i9 was added as its top model. See Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9.

The original microarchitecture of the Core i series was code-named Nehalem. Subsequent microarchitectures were Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell, etc. (see Intel microarchitectures).

Core 2 - Before Core i Series
Prior to the i series, the 64-bit Core 2 family, introduced in mid-2006, was a major departure from the previous Core Duo chips. Using the Penryn microarchitecture, Core 2 chips became available in single, dual and quad core models. See Core 2.

Core Duo
In early 2006, and based on the existing Pentium M (mobile) architecture, the dual core, 32-bit Core Duo was the first chip introduced with the Core brand. Used only in laptops, the Core Duo chips were superseded by the Core 2 family. See Core Duo.
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However, Steve Jobs himself has said that Apple has no interest in building a netbook, the MacBook Air being the only Apple product that comes close, and it runs on an Intel Core 2 Duo chip. On top of that, the current MacBooks are some of the first products to use Intel's "Sandy Bridge" architecture, so it's hard to imagine Apple opting for a likely less-powerful CPU on future products.
Despite its diminutive size, the E4200 still includes high performance features such as a 1.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo chip, 1GB of DDR2 memory with upgrades available up to 56B, a WXGA backlit LED display, up to 128GB of hard drive space, and an optional 6-cell extended life battery.
The Air has a Core 2 Duo chip in a specially designed package and small motherboard that help reduce its thickness, hence the manilla envelope marketing trick.
The company also revealed plans to move the rest of its Mac range from IBM's PowerPC chips to the Intel dual-core Duo chip during 2006.
A couple of weeks later, the same venue has the annual visit from the US duo Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez (July 15th).
The Precision 390 can be fitted with either an Intel Core 2 Duo chip or an Intel Core 2 Extreme Edition processor.
Currently, the Air is built with the Intel Core 2 Duo chips.
"Now, a lot of users are thinking that by paying a little more they can get Dual Core or Core 2 Duo chips.
It then filed the patent suit, seeking an undisclosed sum in compensation and an order preventing the chip maker from selling certain processors, including its Core 2 Duo chips. <p>The amount of the settlement was not disclosed.<p>Copyright 2009 IDG Middle East.
Whilst Intel's quad-core Core 2 Duo chips (and forthcoming Core 2 Quad CPUs) feature four CPU cores inside one processor and this CPU then sits in one motherboard socket, AMD's Quad FX platform comprises two of the firm's new dual-core Athlon FX-70 series processors, which are housed in two CPU slots on specially built motherboards.These motherboards will also feature two nVidia chipsets that connect individually to each CPU, meaning boards can in turn feature up to four PCI Express slots for graphics card use.
In addition HP introduced the HP Compaq 4400 Series which is based on Core Duo chips and converts from a notebook to tablet PC.
<p>The first 32-nm chips for budget laptops, code-named Arrandale, will be a significant upgrade to existing Core 2 Duo chips. Arrandale is a two-chip package with an integrated graphics processor, which could help improve graphics performance while drawing less power.