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, Ital. Durazzo, city (1989 pop. 82,719), capital of Durrës dist., W Albania, on the Adriatic Sea. The chief seaport of Albania and the leading commercial and communications center, it has a dockyard, a shipyard, and industries that manufacture leather,
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, Albania.
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Dopo la caduta di Averescu, Durazzo vide nell'interesse economico dell'Italia per le risorse della Romania un vantaggio, e una base sulla quale dare un nuovo inizio alle relazioni fra i due paesi, sostenendo che nel tempo di Averescu si era sprecata l'occasione di sviluppare le relazioni economiche fra i due paesi.
L'Armida di Migliavacca venne riscritta da Durazzo (1761) prendendo a modello quella di Quinault, una scelta che rivelava la sua chiara inclinazione filofrancese.
Durazzo, T.C.; Gazdzinski, S.; Banys, P.; and Meyerhoff, D.J.
(122) Shanti's rented apartment, the place that she has transformed into her domestic space, reflects the life that her family has been offered in the western world, a combination of a vague nostalgia for India expressed by the colorful silk pillows spread around the living room, mixed with the influences of her friends' cultures, a brass plate with a picture of the Albanian city of Durazzo, an enormous Chinese vase with a crack on the side and a picture with a framed poem by Umberto Saba, a gift from Mr Rosso.
Carnival of Venice master of ceremonies and International Association for Carnival of Venice art director Agosti Montenaro Durazzo will be impersonating the Prince of Salina, the main character of the movie II Gattopardo.
Cost Plus World Market, Marissa Durazzo, Director Partnerships & Promotions, 510-808-9319, marissa.durazzo@cpwm.com, P.
They wed in 2008 after six years of dating and Liverpool's finest flew out to the Villa Durazzo on the Italian Riviera to see the couple get hitched.
High honors went to: Sofia Agreda, Yanick Aguilar, Regan Bodack, Steven Booth, Grady Boston, Laci Brescia, Elijah Brown, Abigail Callinan, Cody Cavaco, Juliet Coates, Patra Durazzo, Nina Eaton, Samantha Forde, Autumn Garceau, Nina Gavin, Anthony Giansanti, Alan Gomez, Felix Gomez, Aidan Grady, Dakota Hart, Jisela Hayon, David Hoag, Gino Jacobs, William Johns, Brady Kallenberg, Courtney Kane, Abigail McFarland, Marty McNamara, Madison Modugno, Isabella Prucha, Eva Pupecki, Nuris Ramirez, Jeremias Rivera, Kaci Ryder, Jacob Salvi, Dayaris Sanchez, Trevor Sarsfield, Charles Anton Sibal, Maxwell Sivert, Olivia Vanwart and Anna Ward.
Elaine Sisman's study of Haydn's 1779 L'isola disabitata proves an ideal opening piece: by connecting a wealth of information about Haydn, Metastasio, Count Durazzo, Gluck and Nicolaus Esterhazy, it clears up several background questions at first sight inaccessible to the modern observer.