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a sea on the edge of the Antarctic Ocean, on the coast of Antarctica, between 136° and 148° E long. It lies off Adelie Coast. The southern part of the sea covers the continental shelf and has a depth of less than 500 m, whereas the northern part reaches a depth of 3,610 m. It is covered most of the year by drift ice and is dotted with icebergs. Its salinity is 33.7-33.8 parts per thousand. The sea was discovered in 1914 by an Australian expedition led by D. Mawson and was named in honor of J. Dumont d’Urville.

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He does this by focusing on three major French naturist/nudist sites: the lie du Levant, Montalivet, and Cap D'Agde, while delineating the stories of a number of key figures associated with these sites (principally the Durville brothers, Marcel Kienne de Mongeot, Albert Lecocq, and the Oltra brothers).
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According to Durville and Meneroud (1982), the phenomenon of liquefaction arose during the last earthquake (October 10th, 1980) in a vast alluvial valley crossed by the Chlef River and in the zone of confluence of this river with the Fodda River, as shown in figures 1 and 2.
President Ineke Durville said kids with complex needs were too often being placed in night-time emergency services when they needed more structure and support.
"A new three-storey retail complex has also opened up in the city centre that includes the likes of Zara, Slater Menswear and Roberto Durville.
Meighs casts parts in its Durville tilt-pour process using aluminum bronzes, super austenitic and duplex stainless steels, nickel-based and other corrosive-resistant materials.