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(tool, storage)
("disk usage") The Unix command to list the amount of disk space consumed by a directory and its subdirectories.

Unix manual page: du(1).
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On drawings, abbr. for disposal unit.
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After completion of the refund, the DUs are similarly mandated "to submit a report to the Commission on their compliance with (the) refund directive."
1) Aiming to improve the EE of the DUs while controlling the interference caused by DUs, we propose a Stackelberg game based interference pricing scheme to jointly address the interference management and EE optimization in the considered system.
However, in other experiments, when coordination control is performed, beams are formed through coordination between DUs. This prevents a decrease in the quality of communication caused by radio wave interference between DUs and improves the downlink throughput by as much as 50%.
Indian-Canadian comedian and a YouTube personality Jus Reign is one of the founders of DUS.
It also approved commencement of MAP Phase-III for construction of balance 71,014 DUs. (ANI)
A university spokesman said: "The decision to cancel the debate was taken by both the DUS, a long-established, independent debating society, and the university, after extensive consultations with the police on the issue of public safety."
DUS lenders are able to underwrite, close and deliver most loans without pre-review by Fannie Mae, which results in a highly efficient execution, explained Weber.
The information compiled in the DUS MEL will be transferred into Passport, an information retrieval and work history database used by personnel at SRS to schedule and track maintenance on equipment operating within a facility.
Relative weaknesses include lack of attention to the sensitivity and negative predictive value of DUS and MRA when used in combination in parallel to rule out disease, lack of blinding of the interpretation of DUS to clinical information, and inattention to interobserver variation in performance of DUS.
Under the commission's performance-based regulation (PBR) methodology, DUs are allowed to charge RRC in their revenue requirement.
A calculation by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) showed the scale of refund that must be reflected by the private DUs in their bills ranges from P0.04 to P0.08 per kWh.
HomeStreet commented on a public letter from Dwight Capital to its board of directors conveying an unsolicited preliminary, non-binding offer to acquire its Fannie Mae DUS multifamily origination and servicing business.