Dutch Guiana

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Dutch Guiana:

see SurinameSuriname
, officially Republic of Suriname, republic (2015 est. pop. 553,000), 63,037 sq mi (163,266 sq km), NE South America, on the Atlantic Ocean. Part of the Guiana region, it is separated from Brazil on the south by the Tumuc-Humac Mts.
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Although culturally part of the Caribbean, Suriname, formerly known as Dutch Guiana, geographically belongs to South America.
Prime growing areas for purpleheart are the Amazon region of Brazil as well as British, French and Dutch Guiana.
Suriname is the new name for what was originally called Dutch Guiana, geographically sandwiched between the old British and French Guianas on the north-east coast of South America.
In 1914, shortly after the outbreak of World War I, a newly naturalized American citizen posing as a rumpled Dutch botanist combed waterfront dives in Brazil, Venezuela, Dutch Guiana and Nicaragua, looking for crews of English merchant vessels.