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Dutch Reformed Church:

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Protestant denomination founded in colonial times by settlers from the Netherlands and formerly known as the Dutch Reformed Church. The Reformed Church in Holland emerged in the 16th cent.
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Thomas de Witt of the Collegiate Dutch Reformed Church of New York indicates that De Ronde "retired to the country when the British took over [New York City] in 1776, and did not return to [his] charge at the close of the war, but remained in retirement in [his] old age." (41) Goodfriend similarly explains that De Ronde and his contemporary, Ritzema, were "forcibly retired by a Consistory under the control of Anglicizers." (42)
However, this was the same period that witnessed the growing attack on these ideas by theological and political enemies, primarily Afrikaans-speaking ministers and theologians within a range of Dutch Reformed Churches. These figures criticized both the presumption of racial equality and the notion of racial uniformity, holding instead that cultural and racial difference was divinely enshrined and thus integral to healthy human identity.
Later, in 1946 Sengwayo was to recruit from Bikita, Moses Ruwana, who had been a prominent Dutch Reformed Church evangelist for twelve years.
Army chaplains--Lt George Fox, a Methodist; Lt Clark Poling of the Dutch Reformed Church; Lt John P.
According to Kater, his departure from the Dutch Reformed Church need have no consequences for Patrimonium.
I would also like to give special thanks to Turn the Tide, the Dutch Reformed Church, Makalani Real Estate, Lithon Project, Standard Bank Oshakati, Trustco Ongwediva, Bank Windhoek Oshakati, Pupkewitz Toyota Oshakati and other organizations, including the Good Samaritans and the African Leadership Institute that helped me discover my purpose in life and to know how to focus, if there are still some good Samaritans that would like to help or would like to meet me or the groups we have, they are more than welcome to come and visit us in Oshakati.
One of the John Jordans--likely the cantankerous John the Young--approached the Dutch Reformed Church in April of 1617 and asked to transfer membership, but was put off, no doubt, because he lacked a proper attestation of good behavior.
Indian congregants drove in from Queens, Brooklyn, western Nassau County and even New Jersey and Staten Island, to worship in a former Dutch Reformed Church building they bought in 1992.
Dutch Reformed Church leaders, believing that people of color were a threat to Afrikaner heritage, intertwined discrimination with their theology.
* Trinity Lutheran Church and the Dutch Reformed Church at Stone Arabia;
Comparison with the writings of Arminius's colleagues in the theology faculty allows Stanglin to be precise about the points of doctrinal and structural agreement and difference that characterized the early stages of the debate that split the Dutch Reformed Church just a few years later.
What survives of Huygens's music is to be found in the Pathodia sacra e profana (1647), a collection of Latin psalm moters and Italian and French airs for one voice and basso continue Also surviving is a small treatise in which Huygens promoted the use of the organ to accompany psalm singing in the Dutch Reformed Church (published anonymously in 1641).

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